St. Clair Kiva


A truly unique wine, made in the style of a cream sherry, created as the perfect mate to our St. Clair Port. This wine is packed with autumnal flavors and aromas such as caramel, candied peach, ginger and vanilla, which is acquired from maturation in French oak barrels under the warmth of the New Mexico sun. Enjoy a drinking experience marked by rich flavor, heavenly sweetness and smooth texture. It is an ideal companion to desserts, or perfect as dessert in itself.

Our special ceramic bottle pays tribute to the Mimbreño people who lived in the Mimbres Valley around 1,000 years ago and are well known for their beautiful, geometrically decorated pottery.

Pair: This is the perfect wine to pair with desserts that include chocolate or vanilla flavors. Also wonderful with bread pudding, pastries, dried fruits and nuts, apple pie, creme brulee or cheesecake.

Technical Data:
Alcohol: 19%
Residual Sugar: 16.4%
TA: 4.3
PH: 3.65
Color: Caramel amber
Bouquet: Caramel, citrus zest, ginger
Taste: Caramel, candied peach, ginger, vanilla
Serving Temperature: 62°- 64°


2018 - Best of Show- San Antonio Rodeo Wine Competition                                                                                    2017-Best of Show - New Mexico State Fair Wine Competition               

2016-Platinum 96 pts. -Beverage Tasting Institute                                 

2016-Silver Meal Graphic Design & Creativity Best Label Series (Kiva & Port)-Beverage Tasting Institute

Customer Reviews
Rhonda S
This wine was a delightful surprise! Rich with sweet caramel and honey like flavors. We can't wait to open it our next bottle.
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